Wednesday, November 9, 2011

La Margarita (in Fountain Square)

Those of us who live near Fountain Square have become spoiled for choice over the past several years when it comes to delicious local eateries—especially those with an ethnic flavor. (I’m looking at you Naisa Pan-Asian Café, Santorini Greek Kitchen, and Siam Square.) So, when I heard that La Margarita Mexican restaurant was opening its second Indianapolis-area location in the Murphy Building, I started looking forward to welcoming another great restaurant to the neighborhood. I’ve never eaten at the La Margarita up north, but I’ve heard and read good things.

Which makes me sad to report that I didn’t really care for the place. I wish I had. Maybe they’re still finding their feet at this location? (They did just open last Thursday.) I don’t know. I just know I wasn’t impressed.

The exterior of the building isn’t yet complete (partially because of the ongoing Cultural Trail construction, I’m sure), so I’ll just talk about the inside. The decor’s not bad. The interior is spacious and open with some nice woodwork, and the well-stocked tequila bar—which comes complete with a giant, wooden agave sculpture—is neat-o. But then you come to the purple paint and the wall of gilt mirrors, which seemed a little too Pier 1 for my taste. Still, overall, the dining room is fine. Like the outside, the interior has kind of an unfinished quality, something I imagine will go away as they settle in to the new digs.

Right out the gate, our server was quite good, friendly and attentive. He told us about the beers they had on tap (all local stuff, which is fantastic) and brought us three different kinds of salsa: a tomato-y red, a watery verde, and an oddly creamy pico de gallo. I didn’t love any of them. None of them were particularly spicy or flavorful. The brews from Fountain Square Brewing Co. made it all good, though! I had the amber and my friend had the porter. We liked both of those.

As an appetizer, we decided to order some guacamole. The dish came out almost immediately after we ordered it, which made me think that it might not be made to order. Even the presentation of the dip left something to be desired; the guacamole was just smeared across a white plate with a ring of tortilla chips stuck in it. The guacamole was okay at best, although it was kind of stringy like baba ghanoush. (Edit: Jon, the owner of La Margarita, assures me that the guacamole is fresh made. Mea culpa. And the tomatillos are what made the dip stringy.) I’ve had worse guacamole—usually from a plastic bag—but it didn’t hold a candle to the guac you can get at El Sol de Tala or Tex-Mex Taqueria.

As for La Margarita’s menu, it features many of the old Mexican mainstays such as fajitas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, and so on. In an effort to try something a little different, I ordered the shrimp tequila (shrimp sautéed with jalapeños, avocados, cream, and spices in a tequila-based sauce) while my buddy went with the nopalitos (nopales in salsa verde with chunks of potato and pork carnitas).

Thankfully, the main part of my meal (the part with the shrimp and the peppers) was pretty dang good. It had flavor and even a little bit of heat. Unfortunately, the stuff that accompanied the shrimp on my plate was not so great. The Spanish rice was bland and mushy and the potatoes left me underwhelmed. And there was another blob of that stringy guacamole!
My friend liked the main part of his meal, too. His was supposed to come with tortillas, which, technically, it did; it came with two. And they were flour instead of corn. Overall, he said his meal was just okay, although it was far too wet and watery for his taste. As someone who is not usually a fan of nopales (too snotty), I gave his dish a try. Like he said, it was okay; surprisingly, the texture of the nopales didn’t bother me.

For dessert, our server told us that they could make either ice cream nachos (which don’t sound appealing to me) or fried ice cream. We declined and left the restaurant, more than half of our guacamole uneaten.

Look, I don’t want to sound too negative here. As someone with a vested interest in the Fountain Square area, I wanted to like La Margarita. I’ll have to give it another try in a couple of months when they’ve had time to settle in. At the very least, I want to go back to try a margarita or some tequila. I have faith in the management and staff that the restaurant will get better.

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  1. Corey, this is Jon from La Margarita, the owner and bartender who checked in on you guys a few times. Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by. And I want you to know that we are improving and trying to get to where we know we can be. Yeah, it's early, but that isn't an excuse; we know we can do better. As for the guacamole. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. We have another kind that I'm sure you'll love and that we are actually going to start using in place of the "stringy" one. Both our freshly made, I assure you. The one you had just has a good amount of tomatillo (the stringy stuff).

    Also, I hope you can come back and give us another try. I'd love to work through the menu with you to kind of bounce some ideas off of you. I'll be here waiting to greet you and hopefully rectify your unfulfilled appetite.

    Oh, and by the way. Thanks for the beer shout out! It's been a labor of love of mine. And we have some really great choices, including a phenomenal tequila menu I'd love to share with you.

    Take care, and get back in here and let's try this again!

    Jon Carlos Rangel

  2. Hi, Jon. Thanks for the note! I hope my thoughts don't come across as overly negative, but, as I say, I was really looking forward to giving the restaurant a try—and I was hoping to be blown away. Maybe I had unfair expectations, especially given that you guys have just opened your doors. I definitely appreciated the service. As I wrote, our waiter was quite good, and it was nice that you stopped by as well. As for the guacamole, yeah, it just wasn't my thing. I'm glad to know that it's fresh made, though, and I will amend my comments above to reflect that. Next time I stop in, I'll have to try your other style of guacamole—and some tequila, of course. That bar of yours is badass. I'm still excited to have an upscale Mexican place in Fountain Square, and I'm definitely rooting for you!

  3. Appreciate it, man. Yeah, things are definitely still coming together, but that's not an excuse. Let's give this one more go together! You seem to know what you are talking about and I appreciate any critique because it makes us better! Which we will become. I promise you!

    See you soon (hopefully!)


  4. Somewhat irrelevant and probably just semantics, but I use a lot of avocados and tomatillos (both together and on their own)... and I've yet to find a tomatillo that I'd describe as stringy.

    I'm excited to try La Margarita though - I ate at the N-side location once, but they came back on my radar because of some nachos they had the othe week (using chorizo from the smooking goose).

    Indy needs some good Mexican cuisine that varies from the usual Mexican-by-numbers suspects like El Rodeo, La Hacienda etc... (setting aside the authentico dives)

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  6. Thanks Tom H. We hope to have you soon.

    We used to shred tomatillo, which did give it a stringy appearance. Anyway, we got rid of that guacamole and have taken a different route. No more tomatillo! Come try the new one. It's one I much prefer.

    As for the Smoking Goose Nachos, a lot of people liked them. They were to accompany our Fountain Square Tap Takeover! I'm excited for tomorrow, too. We're getting Brooklyn Lager and Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA on tap!

    Andy over at Smoking Goose is such a great guy. It was a no-brainer we'd start carrying their stuff. Their chorizo is very flavorful and I like to support local as much as possible.

    We took Corey's review in stride. Fixed what we thought was negative, and changed some things for the better.

    To our defense, Corey said he did enjoy his meal. He also said the service was good, as was the beer and tequila list. It sounds like what we really missed on was the guacamole and the dessert list. Both of which we are playing around with to make everyone's experience enjoyable.

    Come see me at the bar when and if you do come in, Tom. I'd love to share some ideas with you.

    Take care,